At Tudor Windows, our approach is straightforward. We don't believe you can buy a conservatory 'off the peg'. Our conservatories don't have names or numbers, and you can't point to them in a book. They're all unique to the properties they enhance, and the tastes of the people who live in them, with individual designs ranging from the modest to the majestic.

Our conservatories always feature toughened glass throughout. Additionally we don't believe you can buy a conservatory in Ireland with better security. It's indicative of our standards that we only use genuine High-Security products. For instance, the grade of locks we use double the specification required by most insurance companies. For your peace of mind, we think it's well worthwhile.

When you talk to our us, you'll find we have other rather neat solutions too, like special window frames that can't be interfered with from the outside (internally beaded). All in all, our conservatories are constructed and installed to standards unsurpassed in the industry, with the added reassurance of a comprehensive, no-nonsense guarantee.